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Game goal:
Made as many moves as possible. Use Hint/Check for finish.

classic mode:
The line is created by combining four existing points and a new one. Create a new point by place pointer on empty space. Press check to see if the line is possible (sometimes you can press check many times). Approve the lines by pressing done. Use the hint (several times) if you are looking for help.

bonus mode - only from 2.3 version:
Later in game you often no need place new point to create line by 5 adjacent points. If you create line by 5 existing points you simply store 1 point for future use. From menu [s(?)] (you can see it if bonus mode is enabled) you can get this point and use it at any time if you need it. To create a new line place pointer on filled space and press check. Bonus mode is default. You can enable or disable it in game config.

Keys in game:
Stylus or joystick or 2,4,6,8: Drag point to position
On UIQ use buttons on screen or corresponding keys 1,3,7,9; read manual in help file in phone.
It's also working with virtual java keyboard on some devices.

On keyboard version use keys 1,3,*,#, sometimes 7,9 also working. read manual in help file in phone!

Using menu:
New game: Always start new game
save/load: Save or restore game with history (so you can undo it)
Help/about: you can access this screen anytime without losing your current game.
Exit: As you think! Hiscore is saved "on exit" and "on congratulations". Hiscore will load on game initialization.

Below is an animation explaining rules of the game-pda version on your PDA:
Lineapolis for PDA

1) Don't suggest hints. Use your brain
2) Hint button is great help especially for beginners...

Q1: Can I play this game on PC?
A1: Yes, Look for emulator in download section, use small lineapolis version.

Q2: When you update this apps, so it will be working on my phone
A2: I'm really busy, so don't ask me about.

Q3: Can you publish source code?
A3: No.

Q4: Where is music in game?
A4: You really need music? I'm sure that you have some good mp3 in your phone so play it in background! Music is impossible in MIDP 1.0 java application, so its no coded for more compatibility.

This is my j2me learning project
This software is freeware.
(c) mrdarek 2006-2009
All right reserved.

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october 2009